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Ever wondered what your workforce get up to during the day; with or without supervision?

With COVID-19 changing the way in which we do business,  now more than ever business need to look at how they do business,  and in turn,  how their staff perform to meet the new challenges.  Business cannot afford to carry employees that do not perform,  and when the employee now works from home,  it makes it more difficult to quantify their productivity.

ActivTrack meets the needs of the business to monitor and record user productivity by leveraging the power of the cloud with Silent Monitoring to provide business with the information they need,  when they need it.

ActiveTrak silently tracks every aspect of what the user does during the day. 

It periodically takes a screenshot so you can verify whether the "work done" was justified within the scope of Employment.

Need more convincing?

For only R 150.00 per user per month it may be the expense you need to turn your business around.

Speak to us about a limited trial