We have come a long way and we have had to change our thinking along the way when it comes to storage.  From CD to Hard Drive to Flash Drive and now,  The Cloud.

But what is the Cloud?  Where is it?  How do you use it?

In truth,  Cloud Storage in nothing different to storing files on your corporate server.  The only difference is that the server now resides somewhere in the world and not in your office,  freeing you from "Working in one place" and allowing you to access your files on ANY DEVICE,  ANYWHERE!

There is a multitude of companies that offer Cloud Storage Solutions,  the most notable of them all is Google,  Apple and Microsoft.  It is simple to get and simple to use.  Just sign in,  download and off you go.

For more advanced Cloud Storage solutions,  you are welcome to contact us and we can look at what solution will work best for you at a price point that meets your budget requirements